When visiting the Foundation for a scheduled educational program, you will have access to a number of our facilities to make your stay more comfortable. These include our Education Center, Rotunda, Bunkhouse, and Bathhouse. See the descriptions below for more details on each facility. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


The Rotunda is used for meals and social gatherings. It is a screened building that holds approximately 50 individuals. It is equipped with tables and seating, as well as a full kitchen and an extra refrigerator for storage. Groups are required to bring their own food items.

Education Center

Our Education Center can seat up to 35 students and has a projector, projector screen, and large dry-erase board. It also has a small kitchen area, restrooms, and 2 smaller rooms for break-out sessions.


Our Bunkhouse has the capacity to sleep 36 individuals (18 males, 18 females) in two separate sleeping areas for privacy purposes. Both sides of the Bunkhouse have wheelchair-accessible restroom facilities and showers. There is also a commons area where students and teachers often take breaks throughout their visit, review the day’s activities, or play board games in the evening. Individuals are required to bring their own sleeping and bathing items (i.e. toiletries, towels, sheets, pillows, blankets, and/or sleeping bags,).


The Bathhouse is just a short walk from the Bunkhouse and it provides additional restrooms and showers to accommodate larger groups. Individuals are required to bring their own toiletries.

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