The Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation’s research fellowship program is designed to support exemplary graduate students and innovative wildlife research. The scientific breadth of the program is highlighted by the disciplines in which our student’s research has been conducted: animal behavior, biology, botany, conservation education, ecology, genetics, mammalogy, ornithology, parasitology, range science, veterinary pathology, and wildlife sciences.

University professors contact the Foundation with a proposed project and M.S. or Ph.D. candidate. Once the Foundation approves a project and student, we will send fellowship funding directly to the student’s accredited U.S. college or university. The university will then disperse the funds to the student. For more information please download our Application Procedures and Fellowship Policies forms.

Academic institutions are responsible for the competitive selection and supervision of fellowship recipients, subject to Foundation approval. Students working on or near the Refuge are provided dormitory apartment living facilities and utilities, office space, and such field and laboratory facilities as are available.  

Fellowship Policies and Application Procedures

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