Dr. Lynn Drawe initiating a prescribed burn for brush control and habitat restoration on the Welder Wildlife Refuge. Photo courtesy of B.C. Glasscock

For Future Generations ...

The term conservation is most often used to mean the wise, ethical and sustainable use of natural resources. Rob H. Welder entrusted the Foundation to conserve, manage, and maintain a unique 7,800-acre piece of private property situated along the Aransas River approximately 40 miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas. This property, known as the Welder Wildlife Refuge, is home to hundreds of species of plants and resident and migratory animals. The Refuge has 16 different vegetation communities that are spread over 22 different soil types. It is here that the Rob & Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation has its Headquarters. 

The term conservation is often extended to resources other than land and wildlife, and through the years the Foundation has been entrusted to preserve and protect a number of other very special things including 

  1. • Natural History Collections of more than 20,000 specimens of birds, bird eggs, mammalsreptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants

  2. • A magnificent collection of 405 taxidermy prepared birds given to us through a generous donation from one of the world's premier bird taxidermists, Donald Bowman.

  3. • Unique three-dimensional panoramas depicting wildlife and habitats of the Welder Wildlife Refuge and collages of south Texas wildlife.

  4. • A library of wildlife and natural resource books, journals, and publications many of which are old or rare books that are not available to the public today.

Unlike many museums, most of our natural history collections are available for use and study by biologists and wildlife professionals. Professionals and the public are also welcome use our library by special appointment through the Foundation's Headquarters; however, books and publications cannot be checked out from the library. The public can also view our art and extensive natural history collections during special tours offered by the Foundation.