Brad Strobel's Red-Shouldered Hawk Research. Photo courtesy of B.C. Glasscock.



The Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation's graduate research fellowship program was initiated in 1956. The program is designed to promote the education of exceptionally qualified students and provide research information to manage wildlife populations. The scientific breadth of the program is suggested by the academic units of previous fellowship recipients, among them: animal behavior, biology, botany, conservation education, ecology, genetics, mammalogy, ornithology, parasitology, range science, veterinary pathology, and wildlife sciences.

Fellowships are awarded directly to properly accredited U.S. colleges or universities for bona fide graduate students who are approved candidates for M.S. or Ph.D. degrees after project proposals have been submitted to and approved by the Foundation. For more information please download our Application Procedures and Fellowship Policies forms.

Academic institutions are responsible for the competitive selection and supervision of fellowship recipients, subject to Foundation approval. Students working on or near the Refuge are provided dormitory apartment living quarters, utilities, office space, computer access, and such field and laboratory facilities as are available.  

Fellowship Policies and Procedures

Application Procedures

Current Fellows and Research

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