2010 Conservation Across Boundaries - Texas Teacher Course

We Strive for Excellence!


The Foundation prides itself on providing exemplary, hands-on, science-based conservation education programs for students as well as the public, and it has done so for over 60 years. These comments are from teachers who have brought their students to participate in Welder Wildlife Foundation education programs at the Refuge.


“We come back from field trips more aware of nature. [The students] are learning about wetlands and why they are important to humans.  To a lot of them, that is really an eye-opener. How could something that was once considered swampland … ‘useless’ land … why is it so important? They have become aware this is an environmental issue. The hope is that as adults they will be cognizant of the importance of wetlands, and learn to protect that part of the environment in the future.”


- Christine Latkovich, Sinton High School


“Surprisingly, we have had kids who had not been out in the country and seen deer and turkey. I take that for granted, because I grew up seeing these things, but some of the kids I’ve taken out to the Welder Wildlife Refuge have not.”


- Kathy Westerman, Ray High School, Corpus Christi


“One of the things the students found particularly interesting was going to the Welder library. They keep a copy of every thesis done at the Refuge, and the kids were amazed at some of the research, and impressed by the kinds of studies that have gone on over the years.”


- Alice Kagi, David Martin, and Priscilla Scott, St. John’s School, Houston