Wildlife Conservation Camp.

Wildlife Conservation Camp

The Welder Wildlife Foundation is proud to help sponsor the Wildlife Conservation Camp, a program designed for students who will be entering their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school, or freshman year of college. The camp is a function of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and since its inception in 1993 it has been held at the Foundation many times. 

This unique program provides students the opportunity to learn from professional wildlife biologists what a career in wildlife biology and management entails. The Wildlife Conservation Camp focuses on outdoor, hands-on activities, with presentations by wildlife professionals. Topics include conservation ethics, species diversity, habitat management, population ecology, predator-prey interactions, capture and census techniques, animal and plant identification, hunting as a management tool, hunter safety, and fishing and shooting skills. Students experience the opportunity to interact with wildlife professionals in a variety of wildlife and conservation fields. Students considering careers in wildlife or natural sciences are strongly encouraged to attend, as the experience will be invaluable as they look to the future.

To learn more about the camp, and to download an application, please visit the Wildlife Conservation Camp's website.