Upcoming Workshops

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March 16 (K-5th                            Corpus, Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve
March  22  (K-5th                          Kerrville, Riverside Nature Center
May 21 (K-5th)                                Corpus Christi, Region 2
June 4 (K-5th)                                 Wichita Falls, Region 9
June 11 (K-5th)                                  Mt Pleasant, Region 8
June 18 (K-5th)                               Austin, Region 13
July 9 (K-2nd                                    San Antonio, Region 20
July 10 (3-5th)                                  San Antonio, Region 20
July 16  (K-5th)                                 San Angelo, Region 15
August 7 (K-5th)                            Waco, Region 12
August 8  (K-5th)                           Northeast ISD San Antonio
Nov. 21-23  (K-5th)                       Dallas, CAST

Rangelands Education Program

The Welder Wildlife Foundation's "Rangelands: A Conservation Education Guide" and associated teacher training workshops are designed to educate Texas teachers and youth about the importance of rangelands and the ecosystem services they provide.

Rangelands: A Conservation Education Guide

Rangelands is a 5 unit, 27 lesson, broad-based curriculum focusing on 1) awareness and appreciation of rangelands; 2) watersheds, soils, and climate; 3) plants, wildlife, and livestock; and 4) range ecology; and 5) stewardship.

This curriculum provides hands-on, active learning with many outdoor activities to help educators convey the importance of rangeland conservation while establishing real world connections to science. Lessons are science-based and provide engaging, student-centered activities with alternative assessments that are aligned to the core Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and other education standards. Each lesson includes 3-8 activities and use a variety of teaching techniques including models, journaling, scientific methods, and computer lessons to meet the needs of all students. Many lessons have outdoor components including investigations of adaptations, plants, wildlife, habitat, ecology, and stewardship. Lessons are easy to use and require inexpensive and easily obtainable materials.

All core TEKS are documented with each lesson including the science, social studies, language arts, and math TEKS.


Home on the Range Teacher Workshops

Register for a Home on the Range workshop today!Participants will receive 6 hours CPE credit and the complete digital Rangelands guide.

During the workshop teachers will sample Rangelands activities including field activities, models, games, role-playing, and investigations. Activities demonstrate best practices in education and proven ways to engage and teach both teachers and students about many aspects of rangelands. Learn about habitats and organisms that are part of rangelands as you take part in fun hands-on activities about soil critters, plant parts and their functions, and adaptations of animals on the range.

What teachers say

"I seriously think the workshop will affect my teaching for years to come."

"Well Done! Well organized. Differentiated for different ages & Gifted and Talented. Lots of resources & extensions.

"I love the Rangelands Educational Guide. I will be using this a lot."

"The most fun I have had at a workshop in years."

"Thank you for this wonderful workshop. I will enjoy using these activities and lessons with my students."