Huisache Daisy. Photo courtesy of B.C. Glasscock

Conservation Educators


Our educators have B.S., M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in wildlife biology or a related field making them knowledgeable about the scientific method and the fundamentals of various science fields. In addition, they are well-versed in contemporary issues related to wildlife biology, wildlife and range management and natural resource conservation. Often they are students in the Welder Wildlife Foundation graduate fellowship program. For more information on our education programs please contact our educators.



Angie Arredondo

Education and Volunteer Program Coordinator

Angie is our Volunteer and Conservation Education Program Coordinator. A native South Texan, she is from Kingsville Texas. She attended Texas A&M University-Kingsville where she completed a Bachelor's of Science in Range and Wildlife Management, and minored in Biology. She is currently completing her Master's Thesis at Texas A&M University- Kingsville looking at the effectiveness of the Rangeland Curriculum which was, developed by the Welder Wildlife Foundation. She has been doing outreach and education work for four years, and thoroughly enjoys sharing her love for conservation and stewardship through education to people of all ages.

Sarah Melendez

Conservation Educator

Sarah is our Conservation Educator. She was born and raised in Big Spring, TX. She attended Texas Tech University where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management with a concentration in Wildlife Biology. While at Texas Tech she assisted with a graduate research project on snowy plovers in areas around Lubbock and Oklahoma. She also spent most of her time volunteering through the Texas Tech Chapter of The Wildlife Society by working closely with mule deer, doing purple martin nest box checks, and attending a prairie chicken capture and an Arbor Day event among many other activities. She has always enjoyed being surrounded by nature, wildlife and the company of others. She is excited to help educate others about conservation and to spread awareness on how important it is to protect our natural resources for future enjoyment and purposes.